13 October 2010

Change Annotation Text Scale

In AutoCAD software, when we want to change the scale of overall dimension features such as text size and arrow size, we should modify the scale factor in dimension style manager. Nevertheless, Adaucogit Salt provides a tool called “Change Annotaton Text Scale” to directly modify the scale of features of dimensions which exist in the drawing. Further, the tool also reset the spacing between dimension objects which are generated by Salt automatic dimensioning function.

1. The “Change Annotation Text Scale” command.

12 October 2010

Convert 3D Solids into 2D Isometric Views (not available, and will be released in the future version)

Generating isometric views is an unreleased function of Adaucogit Salt, and it will be released in the next version of Salt. Now, let us take a glance at this feature.
When we use the tool “Convert 3D Solid into 2D Views” of Adaucogit Salt in AutoCAD software, in the current version (s09, s10), there are seven orthogonal views for options, and in the future version, it will add four more isometric views for options.

30 September 2010

Automatic Dimensioning for 3D Solids

Adaucogit Salt not only provides 2D automatic dimensioning function for AutoCAD software, but also 3D automatic dimensioning function. This new 3D dimensioning function was released in the later Adaucogit Salt s09 and s10 versions in this year.

1. The automatic dimensioning command.

28 September 2010

Settings of Automatic Dimensioning ~ Chamfer Distance

In a previous article, Chamfer Handling of Adaucogit Salt Automatic Dimensioning, we know that Salt has ability to identify global chamfers. In this article, we will introduce this feature with more detail.
There is an option called “Not dimensioned chamfer distance (less than or equal to) ” regarding chamfer in Salt automatic dimensioning function. (as shown below) The default value is “Auto”, and it means that the program will determine which chamfers are global chamfers and ignore them automatically.

27 September 2010

Settings of Automatic Dimensioning ~ Hidden Features (Hidden Lines)

When we use Adaucogit Salt automatic dimensioning function in AutoCAD software, there are three options regarding hidden features. They are “Auto”, “Yes” and “No”, and will be explained in the following.

26 September 2010

Automatically Set Measurement Scale for Dimensioning Partial Enlargements

In AutoCAD software, we generate a partial enlargement by creating a view port in a layout tab, but sometimes scaling a part directly in the model tab to generate its enlargement is expedient. Before dimensioning this kind of enlargements in the model tab, we should change the measurement scale in dim-style to keep the correct dimensions. Nevertheless, Adaucogit Salt also provides a tool to generate partial enlargements in the model tab, and more, if dimension them by using Salt dimensioning tools, they will be dimensioned in the correct measurement scale automatically.

In the following, generating a partial enlargement and dimensioning it by Salt tools will be demonstrated.

1. Enlarge the part which was circled in the below picture.

22 September 2010

Automatic Ordinate Dimensioning

Adaucogit Salt not only supplies automatic linear dimensioning for AutoCAD software but also ordinate dimensioning.
There are two types of Salt automatic ordinate dimensioning. One is “Peripheral” and the other is “Near”. In “Peripheral” type, dimensions are laid outside of all objects, and in “Near” type, dimensions are laid near objects. The operations of both are similar to using the linear dimensioning.

1. Run the automatic dimensioning function, and in the dialogue box, there are two options regarding ordinate dimensioning. At first, we choose type “Peripheral” for an example.